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Hosting an inspection for your prospective buyer is a very important step in selling your home.  Your prospective buyer has hired a Professional Real Estate Inspector to look very carefully at the condition of your property to learn it's condition.  The Professional Real Estate Inspector will need access to all parts of the home, including doors and windows, outside areas, attic areas, garage, crawl spaces, and unfinished basements.  Any area the Professional Real Estate Inspector is denied access, is a critical omission from the Inspector's ability to report to their Client, your prospective buyer, on the condition of the property.  It should be every host's due diligence to make available to the Professional Real Estate Inspector, everything the Inspector needs to do their job safely, and completely.

To better ensure the inspection can proceed safely and efficiently, please use this checklist:

  • No unsupervised minor(s) present on the property at anytime during the inspection.  Supervision, means directly supervised by an engaged and qualified adult charged with the minor(s) health and welfare, and is under that adults direct care.  If this condition is not fully met, it is very likely the inspection will be cancelled and rescheduled at your prospective buyers additional expense.

  • Secure all firearms.

  • No animal(s) loose or free to roam about the property.  Please crate and / or pen all animal(s) in such a manner such that the animal(s) will not present a safety hazard or a nuisance to the Inspector.

  • Clear an area at least 36 inches wide and long enough to provide access to the electrical service panel(s), Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment, Water heaters / boilers.

  • Inform the security staff at the front gate of the home inspection.

  • Inform your security company of the home inspection.

  • Security system is turned off.

  • All keys needed to unlock doors and windows (and any other areas) are readily available to the Inspector.  Please leave keys in the kitchen.

  • Do not run the dishwasher.  Please place dirty dishes and soap in your dishwasher.  The Inspector will operate your dishwasher as a part of the Inspection.

  • Vehicles are removed from garage (preferable).  At a minimum, the vehicle can not inhibit access to electrical outlets, electrical service, operation of garage doors, and access to water heaters, and HVAC equipment.

  • Thermostats are unlocked and available to be adjusted as needed by the Inspector.

  • Pool / Hot Tub equipment including wireless control tablet is available for operation by the Inspector.  Please leave in the kitchen.

  • Turn on all pool pumps.

  • Irrigation system is available for operation by the Inspector.


Now that your home has been inspected, a number of systems were checked, including electrical circuits, HVAC units, and pool / hot tub equipment.  Use this list below to better ensure your home is returned to your preferred condition.  Please use this checklist and check each item:

  • Medical equipment is functioning correctly

  • Doors shut and locked

  • Windows shut and locked

  • Gates shut and locked

  • Outside lights are on / off to your liking

  • Inside lights are on / off to your liking

  • Blinds, curtains, and drapes positioned to your liking

  • Security system out of test mode and is on or off to your liking

  • Alarm clocks are set correctly

  • Coffee maker clock is set and is ready for the morning

  • Thermostats are set to your liking

  • Wi-fi  / Internet routers are on

  • Pool / Hot Tube / Spa equipment timers

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